Charles Hickey

I am a post-production professional, recently certified in Avid Pro Tools (Avid Certified User, Avid Certified Operator | Post and Avid Certified Operator | Music), currently seeking audio and video editing assignments. Also fluent in Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Zoom and Tascam Audio Recorders, Sony and Canon DSLRs and camcorders. I am a fast learner, an excellent team player with solid skills, and have a reputation for high quality work and reliability. In addition, I am a songwriter and musician with The Soft Underground, an indie-rock band based in NJ and Memphis. I'm self-producing a podcast called The Occhiolist Playlist, which centers on my music collection. I also write and record meditation music for a client in the Ayurvedic medicine profession.


The Occhiolist Playlist is my self-produced podcast where I show some love to the more underground, under-appreciated, and off-kilter elements of my expanding music collection.


These are guided meditations by Anupa Mohan, an Ayurvedic practitioner, for her Anupanas brand featuring my own musical compositions.


The Soft Underground is an alternative rock group that I've been active with since 2010. I'm a songwriter and take on guitar, keyboard and other instruments when recording. Here are some selections from our three albums, Anemoia (2019), Morning World (2018) and Lost in Translation (2015).